Hints manager by Camicri



Crembr changes the way you remember your passwords

Instead of writing your raw passwords on a notebook, Crembr lets you remember them instantly thru "hints".

Crembr is a "hints manager" that stores only hints combination, based on your imagination. Anything under the sun, in a form of texts, or images.

Goal is to recognize your password easily by just looking at those hints, and even someone behind you saw those hints, they cannot easily guess the password because you're the only one who knows what it means. The security level depends on your creativity.

Crembr will be designed to be fast loading, showing all entries on a single page, with easy navigation for instant access. So if you are on a rush, stuck on a login page of a certain site, all you need to do is load Crembr, find your hints, and log in :)

We're planning to make this a mobile app as well, for faster access. But for the meantime, you can access the Crembr site, which is a mobile friendly site and fast as well.